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Biologist graduated from the Faculty of Higher Studies Zaragoza (FES Zaragoza), UNAM. Her interests include Wildlife Conservation, Ecological Restoration, and Evolutionary Biology. She had the opportunity to participate in the specialized course in conservation: the "XI Latin American Course on Biology Conservation", which took place in the Yasuní Biosphere Reserve, Ecuador. She participated in the theoretical-practical course on "Ecology, Collection and Identification of Bats in the Field"; organized by the Biology career of FES Zaragoza. She presented her fieldwork (research) on the "Richness and abundance of bats in the Iztaccíhuatl - Popocatépetl National Park protected area", at the VII Iztaccíhuatl - Popocatépetl National Park research symposium. She completed an internship with the Institute of Biology of the UNAM at the Phycology Laboratory. Currently, she is studying for the Certification in Ecological Restoration of Semi-arid Zones taught by the FES Zaragoza, and completing her social service at the Laboratory of Ecology and Conservation of Wild Fauna under the direction of  Dr. Gerardo Ceballos at the Institute of Ecology of the UNAM.


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