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M.S. Jesús Pacheco

Master of Science Jesús Pacheco Rodríguez is a Full-Time Academic of the Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Laboratory at the Institute of Ecology of UNAM. He graduated as a Biologist from the National School of Professional Studies Zaragoza Campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He completed his graduate studies at the Faculty of Sciences of UNAM. He has 17 years of teaching experience, offering various courses in the Biological Sciences Graduate Program at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and in the Latin American Conservation Biology Course held in Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Mexico. His academic interests revolve around ecology, conservation, biodiversity, species reintroduction, creation of natural reserves, functional diversity, and conservation of mammalian vertebrates in Mexico, Central, and South America. Since 1991, he has actively participated in various research projects related to the Ecology and Conservation of the Llanero Dogs Ecosystem and biodiversity in the Janos Biosphere Reserve, Chihuahua; Ecology and Conservation of the Jaguar and medium-sized mammals in the Calakmul Maya Forest, and Ecology, Biodiversity, and Conservation in Latin America, especially in Costa Rica and Peru. He has authored 45 scientific manuscripts, 11 books, 14 book chapters, and 19 popular articles in journals such as Ecology, PLOS ONE, Conservation Biology, Biological Conservation, Journal of Mammalogy, International Journal of Wilderness, Journal of Tropical Biology, Therya, Acta Zoológica Mexicana, Mexican Journal of Mastozoology, and Oxford University Press, among others. He has been awarded the 2022 Nature Conservation Recognition in the Academy and/or Research category by the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas of SEMARNAT.


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