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Rodrigo Sierra

PhD student in Biological Sciences at the Institute of Ecology, UNAM. His dissertation project focuses on the ecological interactions between prairie dogs (Cynomys ludovicianus) and domestic cattle (Bos taurus) within the arid grasslands of the Janos Biosphere Reserve, Chihuahua, Mexico. In addition to this, he is describing the environmental history of the region in order to understand the fundamental causes of environmental degradation that this geographical area faces, with the aim of designing strategies for its long-term conservation. he is currently collaborate with the Department of Geography at the University of Berkeley California in projects focused on socio-environmental history, culture-nature interaction, and the effects of economic models on ecosystems. Within the Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Laboratory, he is responsible for the Grassland Biological Research Station located in the ejido San Pedro, Janos, Chihuahua, as well as the regional livestock management improvement project. He is a member of the Advisory Committee of the Janos Biosphere Reserve representing our research group. 



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