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Gerardo Ceballos nominated for the Indianapolis prize!

The first post of this blog is dedicated to the leader of the Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Laboratory, Gerardo Ceballos, who has been nominated as one of the six finalists to receive the Indianapolis Award. This award is the highest award given to conservationists who protect endangered species around the world.

Gerardo has a long history in the conservation of species, ecosystems and in the linking of conservation and development. Much of his work has been devoted to the study of the distribution of mammals in the world and the areas with the greatest species richness; has studied the extinction of species through the loss of populations and as a process accelerated by human activities. Their contributions have been pioneering and fundamental to reverse this trend.

In Mexico, their efforts have focused on the protection of different ecosystems. From the semi-arid pastures in the north to the Mayan jungle in the south, passing through the dry jungles of the Pacific and the marshes in the center. To mention a few examples, he has studied the importance of llanero dogs for the conservation of pastures and their associated species, reintroduced for the first time in Mexico the black-footed ferret that is the most threatened mammal in North America, directs the population study of longer duration in the world with the community of small mammals in the Chamela jungle and has coordinated the first census of the jaguar in the world.

One of its major contributions has been its participation in the creation of protected natural areas, among which are the Chamela-Cuixmala biosphere reserve, the Calakmul biosphere reserve, the Ciénegas de Lerma flora and fauna protection area and the Janos biosphere reserve.

Without a doubt, he is one of the most important scientists in Mexico and a visionary. We are proud that your work is recognized and we wish you the best of luck!


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