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bibiana larios​

Graduated from the University of Colima with a degree in biology in 2011, and later began her postgraduate studies with a specialization in Environmental Sciences, Management and Sustainability at the same university, and in 2018 she completed her master's degree at the Institute of Marine Sciences and Limnology at the UNAM. During her years of academic preparation she obtained several times the scholarship of excellence for the best semester average. She has collaborated in several projects and programs such as "Get to know Mexico; introduction to science" with Dr. Daniel Beck from the University of Washington, and in several projects in Chamela, Jalisco, Sierra de Manantlán and Colima with Dr. Andrés García from the Institute of Biology, UNAM. Each of the works and collaborations she has done, have focused on her main interests which are the dissemination of the conservation and ecology of Vertebrates. She currently works as a science class teacher in some DIF centers in Mexico City, as well as a CENEVAL exam applicator and since 2010 collaborating with Dr. Gerardo Ceballos, in projects focused on the rescue of fauna, flora, and ecotourism growth in the area of La Huerta, Jalisco. She also works as a field technician in charge of the Chamela Small Mammal Ecology project, a project carried out at the Biology Station of the area, where Dr. Gerardo Ceballos is the author.



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