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Yanet sepúlveda

Yanet is a biologist and conservationist from Monterrey, Mexico. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Biology at the UANL, in Mexico, and her master's degree at the University of Sussex, in England, in the area of Conservation Biology. Her main interests are focused on understanding the effects of anthropogenic activities and climate change on the ecology, behavior and survival of species in order to develop effective and long-term strategies for their protection and conservation. She is currently doing her PhD in Biology at the University of Sussex, researching the effect of climate change, particularly heat waves, on crucial pollinators such as bumblebees. She is passionate about science communication and her teaching expertise includes areas such as Conservation Biology and Behavioral Ecology. Yanet has written science articles and participated in the translation and revision of science books such as Vida Marina de México: Tesoro de las Profundidades (Marine Life of Mexico: Treasures of the Depths) and La Aniquilación de la Naturaleza (The Annihilation of Nature).



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