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​Velma Chavéz

Graduated with a degree in Biology from the University of Sonora. During her studies she participated in projects focused on the conservation of species and volunteered with different NGOs. She obtained a grant from Greater Good for the study of "Non-Flying Mammals of the Sierra Huérfana de Mazatán, Sonora".

His academic interests are focused on the conservation of wild mammals. She has experience in wildlife monitoring and tracking. She is currently the director of the Wildlife Monitoring Program in Hermosillo, Sonora, which focuses on road ecology.
This project has been a winner of the Fund to Support Sonora Citizen Projects for Environmental Protection granted by the Commission for Ecology and Sustainable Development of the State of Sonora (CEDES), as well as the winner of The Pollination Project.
In the future he will continue to work on wildlife conservation projects, and generate an important change in the ecosystem.


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