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Omar contreras

He studied biology at the FES Zaragoza. During his academic training, he carried out projects on diversity, effects of teratogenic agents, thermoregulation and improvement of the urban landscape. He developed experience in the management, management and coordination of UMA'S and PIMV'S, dedicated to the management of poisonous reptiles, amphibians and arthropods. He has participated in international conferences such as CREA-CICTEI. From 2016 to date, he has been dedicated to teaching, innovating and creating anatomical preservation techniques, among which are: diaphanization and staining of ossification centers, osteotechnics, taxidermy and leather tanning. His work has led him to collaborate with different academic and cultural institutions, among which are: UNAM, UANL, UAM, Quantum CuaT's and "A.C. Preservation of Chelonians”. Currently, he contributes to the rehabilitation and maintenance of the biological collection of the wildlife ecology and conservation laboratory, while he is completing his undergraduate thesis there.



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