Lucila Belén Castro

I am currently a doctoral student in Biological Sciences of the National University of Córdoba, Argentina and a fellow of the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) within the Institute of Diversity and Animal Ecology (IDEA). I studied Biology in the Faculty of Exact Physical and Natural Sciences of the National University of Córdoba. During the last years of my career opt for an orientation to conservation biology. Shortly after finishing my degree I had the opportunity to travel to Australia to work at the University of Melbourne, in Melbourne and at the Macquarie University in Sydney. In 2013 I joined an NGO called Pacific Biodiversity Institute, which has projects in the United States and Argentina. Being his representative Argentina and in my work as a conservation biologist I collaborate with the projects that are carried out in different Argentine provinces along with other organizations. Since 2010 I belong to a conservation group called "Highland Flamingos Conservation Group" (GCFA), formed by scientists and conservationists from Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and Chile, and since 2014 I also belong to the Flamingo Specialist Group of the IUCN. I am currently a member of the International Society on Salt Lake Research, being a board member. Activity that I made since 2014. My interests are conservation, ecology and zoology.



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