Eduardo Ponce

Since 2006 I have participated in research projects related to the ecology, management and conservation of grasslands. My work has been focused on understanding the ecological role of fire and herbivory in the ecosystem and the implications of its management to promote pasture conservation in northwestern Mexico. During this journey I have made a great effort to link the conservation of biological diversity with economic development (local and regional) through the design and implementation of multidisciplinary strategies to understand and confront the complex environmental problems facing the country. The result of my participation in the region has been the creation of the Janos Biosphere Reserve and collaboration in the elaboration of the management plan. I am currently a PhD candidate of the postgraduate course in Biological Sciences, co-director of the programs “Restoration and Conservation of Dry Grasslands in Northwest Mexico” and “Interaction of Prairie Dogs and Domestic Cattle in Janos Grasslands”, and I am responsible for the project “Use of habitat and conservation of the northern porcupine in the Janos Biosphere Reserve”.



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