Lourdes Martínez

I studied the Master’s degree in Environmental Biology at the Institute of Ecology, UNAM. My project consisted in the evaluation of the effect of the prairie dogs in the provision of ecosystem services of the grasslands of northern Mexico. With this research I was able to quantify the benefit of prairie dogs in five ecosystem services that are very important for the maintenance of the ecosystem and for the economic activities of the local people. Before entering the laboratory, I studied the undergraduate degree in Biology at Simón Bolívar University where I worked on the collection of vertebrates. My interests include conservation of mammals, management of endangered species populations and applied research on biodiversity in the long term. I have collaborated on various projects in the laboratory; Including the edition and publication of books such as “Diversity, Threats and Priority Areas for the Conservation of Mexico’s Dry Forests” and “Mexico’s Endangered Freshwater Fish”. I want to continue my PhD studies in the area of Conservation Biology. My goal is that with my work, I can influence the decision making to maintain the ecosystems and biodiversity of America.


Contact: lulizum@yahoo.com.mx