Alejandro Dario Betancourt

Currently I do my thesis at the Institute of Ecology of the UNAM, with the theme Morphometry of Spermophilus parvidens, with which we hope to clarify taxonomic doubts regarding this species in Mexico. In addition, at the Wildlife Conservation and Ecology Laboratory, I carried out other activities such as help in the analysis of data on biological monitoring of carnivores and mapping of mammal distribution in Mexico through the GIS tool, among other things. My arrival at the laboratory was due to the fact that from an early age I had a great fascination with wildlife and since I was in the university I was very interested in mammalogy. My long-term goals are to acquire the appropriate knowledge about the Research, Ecology, Ethology, Conservation and Management of natural resources focused on wildlife, in order to carry out actions that allow the maintenance of these and the where they are. I believe that it is fundamental to be able to continue to obtain benefits from these places through human activities but by developing models that allow alternatives that can promote the minimum impact on the deterioration of ecosystems and degradation of the species. I am also interested in working with rural communities, as well as the implementation of laws in accordance with the use and well-being of ecosystems. Another taste or interest related to this, is wildlife photography, which I think is very relevant to show the aesthetic beauty that natural landscapes and their species provide us.