greta cerecedo

I studied the Bachelor of Biology at the Faculty of Science, UNAM and did my social service at the Veterinary Hospital of Specialties in Wildlife and Clinical Ethology FMVZ-UNAM. I have worked for 10 years with birds of prey, mainly in the field of their use and conservation ex situ. I have completed 6 diplomas and more than 16 courses / workshops, as well as participated in more than 20 different types of lectures and theoretical-practical classes as a guest in diploma courses, workshops and courses for students of all levels. I have been a speaker at more than 25 talks at congresses at national, international and various festivals, as well as volunteering in different zoos and stays in various raptor rehabilitation centers, in countries such as Spain and Argentina. In 2011 I collaborated in the elaboration of: "National Strategy for the conservation and use of Birds of Prey", "PACE Condor of California" and "PACE Neotropical Raptors", as well as in the protocol of recovery of wounded specimens of Golden eagle. I am part of the communication and dissemination area of ​​the laboratory and the National Alliance for the Conservation of the Jaguar. I have special interest in the formulation and application of public policies to mitigate the human impact on wildlife. My intention now and in the future is to contribute to making this world a better place for all who inhabit it.